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Essential CV tips

  • Your CV is an extremely important document as it is a personal reflection on you. It is very easy to make simple mistakes on your CV and this can damage the first impression you make on an employer, so please look at the most common mistakes listed below and try to avoid them at all costs.

    1. Always check your spelling and grammar in your CV, mistakes show that you lack attention to detail.

    2. Keep the information relevant and professional - don’t ramble.

    3. Try not to be vague - give examples that focus on their company’s needs as well as your own.

    4. Use bullet points to grab the employers attention.

    5. Try to tailor your CV for each role you apply for, you should try to make small adaptations to meet the jobs specific requirements.

    6. Always try to highlight your achievements in each role, e.g. new procedures, increased sales, successful campaigns or time-saving activities.

    7. Always try to keep your CV to two A4 pages - employers are very busy and don’t have time to sit and read through several pages of your career history.

    8. Try not to leave out information, if there is a gap in employment state what you were doing, e.g. “seeking permanent employment”

    9. Avoid using cliché such as “good communicator”, “works well in a team” - or if you would like to use these in your CV try to back them up with examples of where you have used these skills. For example: “I used my communication skills to build and retain a substantial client base”.

    10. Use a clear design and try to keep to the same font and size throughout the CV, this will make the CV easier to read.

    11. We would recommend you show your CV to other people to get some feedback before you send it out.

    12. Always ensure your contact details are correct on your CV so employers can get hold of you.

    13. If you have a jokey email address such as “eatingpies@myhouse.co.uk” be sure to use a more professional email address on your CV.

Golden Tips For An Interview

Some Useful Questions To Ask:

  • 1. Ask why the interviewer joined the company?

    2.What are the company’s plans over the next 2-3 years?

    3.What are the backgrounds of the rest of the team?

    4.What are the expectations in the first 6 months?

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